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       Shenzhen Top Printing Co., Ltd are professional manufacturer of heat transfer prints , with more than 20 years of production experience. Top has been committed to heat transfer printing and transfer technology research and development, as the technology and materials continue to improve and improve our products to wash the effect is more stronger, the price is lower cost, application extensively . Through many years of unremitting efforts, our product complete , stable quality, and accord with environmental protection standard , accessible through the European environmental testing and high-strength wash water testing requirements. And got to all authority institution ratification for test , most of our products exported to Europe and the United States market .


      We had produce production have washing water mark transfer, foil transfer, special color transfer, offset transfer, swimwear hot art, glass pearls cloth, reflective transfer, luminous transfer, multicolor glitter powder transfer, flocking transfer. Also simultaneity the production transfer with hot fix rhinestone motif , nail head motif, rhine studs motif etc with glitter , foil , flock ,laser film, beaded glass , plush fabrics etc various combinations of effects to a mixture of hot stamping completed products .


      Individuality heat transfer print motif is spring up from recent years , and we also had completeness individuality heat transfer print jigsaw and ABC letter motifs develop ,design ,production , packing , sell for whole completeness seriation .

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